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  • Secrets by Jackie Ullerich was a thrilling read with a masterful plot. The story unfolds gradually, weaving the four individual tales of the women into a neat, tight storyline. The plot itself was very well thought out and written in such a way that you couldn’t help but get drawn in and get deeply involved in what is happening....This is a deeply psychological story, gripping you and holding on for dear life, with a few heart-stopping moments. Excellent story, extremely well written, and one that would make a good TV film. Hope to read more from Jackie Ullerich in the future.

    Anne-Marie Reynolds for Readers' Favorite ★★★★★

At Risk

  • I've never taken a cruise, but now I'm pretty sure I'll just stay home and read more books from Jackie Ullerich! Imagine being trapped on a cruise ship with people who suddenly decide they hate you... and there isn't anything you can do about it? No way out! This was a pretty great read, and always fun to read novelist I haven't read before. Good suspense, good dialogue, great intensity!

    Sean R. McCaffrey ★★★★★
  • I thoroughly enjoyed this book! I couldn't put it down. It definitely is worth picking up if you're looking for an interesting story that's going to keep you on the edge of your seat. I was never sure what Tracy's next move was going to be and I love when I can't predict the main character that way. I thought it was a very unique story, there were a lot of plot elements that I haven't seen a lot lately and that added to how much I enjoyed it.... It was very well-written and kept me turning the pages! What more could you ask for in a novel? If you're looking for suspense and a good escape into someone else's problems, then look no further!

    Juliette Townsend ★★★★
  • I found author Jackie Ullerich's book "At Risk" to be a compelling read. Her in depth development of a diverse group of characters made their intriguing experiences come alive. The sharp dialogue held my interest from start to finish. The research and knowledge of the variety of locales brought reality to this suspenseful story. I recommend this book and will seek out additional works from this new author.

    Doug Upshaw ★★★★★

The Bride Stands Alone

  • The Bride Stands Alone is a pager turner filled with love, mystery and deception. The story begins with a beautiful romance that leads to an exotic wedding in Acapulco. Then the unthinkable happens. The bride's new husband disappears. Her heartbreak only deepens when it appears he was living a double life. Confusion and intrigue follow. I highly recommend this book!

    Nicole Kumar ★★★★★
  • First of all, the cover says a lot about this book. One of the most interesting and well-done covers I have seen in a while. If you can't figure out it's not necessarily a everybody lives happily ever after, the author takes us yet again to exotic places, and turns the story with some interesting twists. I don't want to spoil the story, so read it yourself!

    Delia Melograna ★★★★
  • In the early chapters of 'The Bride Stands Alone' author Jackie Ullerich introduces an array of characters, each of whom has his or her own complex story realistically and expansively described as are the story scenes, near and far. The characters are then neatly woven into the mystery that is unfolding, leading ultimately to a surprising ending. In reviewing this second Jackie Ullerich novel it is clear to me that this talented author will be heard from again.

    Doug Upshaw ★★★★★

Invitation to Death

  • This author has a great way of drawing in the reader. Each character becomes someone you know intimately as jealousy, heartbreak and love collide in the tropical paradise of Hawaii. Sinister motives take the reader by surprise and that makes for plenty of mystery and intrigue.

    SK ★★★★★
  • Deception, intrigue, romance, sex and murder keep one turning the pages of this book. The twists and turns of the plot impel the reader to a conclusion with a little surprise.

    MMMM ★★★★
  • Invitation to Death by Jackie Ullerich is an entertaining page turner. There are many plot twists and turns, but anyone who reads a newspaper or listens to the news realizes that there are real life evil plotters out there who might have come out of the pages of this book. The characters, especially the women, are well drawn. The main characters, two sisters, are close in some ways, as distant as sisters can be in others -- competitive in life and love. Mrs. Ullerich gets better with each book. I look forward to what her fertile imagination will produce next.

    Angela Love ★★★★

Sabbatical in the Sun

  • This book kept me in suspense until the end. I loved the characters. I think anyone would enjoy it. The author knows how to pique your interest.

    Kay ★★★★★
  • From Greek glistening, aqua waters to palm tree dotted Southern California, this author has the gift of transporting the reader from one exotic and exciting location to another. While reading Sabbatical in the Sun, I became lost in rich imagery and reeled in by the multilayered and mysterious characters. I immediately connected to protagonist Jessica Slater. Reeling from a divorce, she makes a bold move by going on sabbatical in unfamiliar territory. I was excited for her as she discovered new romance but shared in her confusion and disappointment when everything unravels. A missing heirloom and sinister, complex characters keep the reader riveted.

    Nicole Kumar ★★★★★
  • Jackie Ullerich has again displayed her unique storytelling imagination in "Sabbatical In The Sun". Interesting people and exciting places are described in precise detail as the author apparently draws upon her own experience, particularly with the colorful personalities and expansive scenes in Greece. Her characters and their interrelationships are like intricate pieces of a puzzle. The reader is brought along in suspense as the pieces are formed into a final unanticipated picture. A satisfying read.

    Doug Upshaw ★★★★★