Invitation to Death

An invitation for three couples to spend a weekend in paradise manifests into a ticket to hell, bringing death and destruction. The setting is Kona, Hawaii. Against a backdrop of crashing waves and panoramic sunsets, delight in the moment turns ugly as passions flare and relationships are tested. Someone has decided it’s a time for reckoning.

Kim Williams is delighted when her sister Dana offers Kim and husband Barry a stay in Dana’s Hawaiian condo. All is not well in the house of Williams, and Kim is certain this romantic interlude will shore up a faltering marriage.

Frank and Bea, about to celebrate their thirty-sixth wedding anniversary, win a week-long stay in a posh Kona condo. What starts out as s celebration ends tragically.

Ted and Susan are drifting apart in a ho-hum marriage, and Ted’s thoughts about another woman continue to drive a wedge between them. An invitation to vacation in Kona, Hawaii may be their best and last hope.

The novel relates what sets in motion a series of deadly events and provides an in depth portrait of a woman who will stop at nothing in her quest for revenge.