About Jackie Ullerich

My Passions (Other Than Family):

  1. Music
  2. Theater
  3. Travel
  4. Reading
  5. Writing — of course!
  6. Teaching (Secondary teaching credential)

1) My protagonist in “At Risk” is an aspiring concert pianist. Toni, in “Secrets” is an accomplished musician — Voice, piano and directing vocal groups.

2) Kelly, in “The Bride Stands Alone” is an actress and there are a number of references to the theater. There are also theater references in “Secrets”.

3) References to living and traveling in foreign countries, as well as California settings, are in all my novels.

  • “At Risk” — Mexican Riviera Cruise, Los Angeles, Palm Desert.
  • “The Bride Stands Alone” — San Francisco, Los Angeles, Mexico, Turkey, Greece.
  • “Invitation to Death” — Los Angeles, Hawaii.
  • “Sabbatical in the Sun” — Greece, Los Angeles, New York.
  • “Secrets” — Sacramento, San Diego, Alexandria, Virginia.

Historical and Cultural References

  1. “At Risk”– Bigotry, hate groups.
  2. “Sabbatical in the Sun” — World War II, Greek Easter celebration, Meteora and Greek monasteries.
  3. “The Bride Stands Alone” — Kemal Ataturk, who brought Turkey out of the dark ages and created a modern alphabet, etc. Cultural features of Ankara and Istanbul. Cultural features of various places in Mexico.

Writers Who Have Influenced Me

  • Agatha Christie
  • Jonathon Kellerman
  • Joy Fielding
  • Sandra Brown
  • Harlan Coben
  • Linwood Barclay
  • Mauve Binchy
  • Steven King

Ten Favorite Authors

1) Sue Miller 2) Laura Hillenbrand 3) Gail Godwin 4) John Cheever 5) Margaret Atwood 6)Kristin Hannah 7) Jacquelyn Mitchard 8) E.L. Doctoro 9) Pat Conroy 10) Anita Shreve