Writing Tips, Publishing Advice: Where Should You Go? 3 Top Writing/Publishing Blogs #amwriting

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I love sharing my personal tips on writing, and I hope my blog is becoming a valuable source for readers. But if you’re like me, you seek information and advice by searching the web.

Hopefully, my suggestions will make it easier for you. In my opinion, these are some of the best writing/publishing  sites:

  1. Jane Friedman – Writing and Publishing in the Digital Age. There is so much information on this site that it’s an absolute must subscribe. Once a week, I receive an email with her latest posts and advice. She also offers online writing courses to meet just about anyone’s needs. From writing advice to contracts to query writing, this site has it all.
  2. Pub(lishing) Crawl – Get advice on writing, publishing from top authors who have been there, done that. It’s impossible not to find an article that won’t make a difference for your writing. They also have podcasts!
  3. Manuscript Wishlist – You ready to find an agent? Need advice on writing a query letter? This site has it all for those looking for hungry agents! You can even schedule appointments to speak with an agent or an editor.

Remember, writing in and of itself is a journey. Yes, the end goal is to have your book published. But there are no shortcuts. You need to do the work. I hope these sites will make a difference!

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