SECRETS Behind-the-Scenes: Montgomery, AL—Hard to leave when you call it home!

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Have you ever moved from the only home you’ve ever known? Not so easy, is it? Homesickness might set in. You might miss community, family, even familiar places. In Secrets, Mary Beth and Scott Truesdale make a big move from Montgomery, Alabama to Sacramento, California. And it’s not an easy move for Mary Beth. Someone knows it. Someone uses that struggle to hurt Mary Beth. And whoever is out to inflict pain, does it in a letter.

Mary Beth loved Montgomery, Alabama. When Mary Beth and Scott move, they leave behind more than friendships, their church, and family. They leave behind our Nations’s history.

So, I thought I would share a few of the fascinating, important places in Montgomery, AL. If you ever visit, make sure to check out these sites.

1. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. lived there: Dexter Parsonage Museum – Dr. Martin Luther King home.

(Photo from TripAdvisor)

2. Rosa Parks Museum – A role model for Civil Rights –

(Photo from museum website.)

3. Civil Rights Memorial Center

4. Did you read The Great Gatsby? Visit The Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald Museum!

(Photo posted on TripAdvisor)

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