Excerpt from SECRETS – Mary Beth & Bible Study?

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This excerpt comes from page 103 in Secrets. Mary Beth received a suspicious letter. But when she opens the envelope, it’s an invitation to Bible study. For this devoted Southern girl living in California, it’s exactly what’s been missing in her life. She’s craved it, needed a connection to home! And someone is about to use that connection to torture Mary Beth.

Here’s an introduction:

“She needn’t have worried. Centered on the page, with bold lettering, was a call to sign up for Bible study classes.

Sutter Community Center and her church had advertised Bible study classes starting in March, but Mary Beth liked the idea of meeting in someone’s home. People congregating in small groups often made lasting friendships. Or at least they did at home in Alabama.

She thought about her friends. Their woes, with herself included, created a union of troubled souls, each carrying the burden of maybe sadness and regret. Or even fear.

And in the fellowship—God forgive her—she could find solace.

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