Excerpt from SECRETS — Toni gets a letter in the mail

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Imagine getting an anonymous letter in the mail, detailing one of your most painful secrets. That’s what happens to four women in my novel, Secrets.

Here’s an excerpt:

“Toni studied the envelope, noting it’s weight, the extra postage. With a sense of dread, she looked inside, then drew out what appeared to be a several-page compendium of illustrations. As she looked further, it became apparent each picture depicted a scene from childhood. Presented in chronological sequence, they began with infancy and progressed to about the age of twelve.

In the first illustration, a sleeping baby nestled in its mother’s arms; the second, a toddler gripping a spoon, her mouth smeared with jam, was shown seated in a high chair. The rest of the cutouts pictured a boy, a girl, or a group of children at play or engaged in school or family activities.

At the bottom of the page was typed: ‘Boy or girl? You’ll never know will you? See what you’ve missed?'”

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