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  • Secrets by Jackie Ullerich was a thrilling read with a masterful plot. The story unfolds gradually, weaving the four individual tales of the women into a neat, tight storyline. The plot itself was very well thought out and written in such a way that you couldn’t help but get drawn in and get deeply involved in what is happening....This is a deeply psychological story, gripping you and holding on for dear life, with a few heart-stopping moments. Excellent story, extremely well written, and one that would make a good TV film. Hope to read more from Jackie Ullerich in the future.

    Anne-Marie Reynolds for Readers' Favorite ★★★★★
  • Jackie Ullerich has again displayed her unique storytelling imagination in "Sabbatical In The Sun". Interesting people and exciting places are described in precise detail as the author apparently draws upon her own experience, particularly with the colorful personalities and expansive scenes in Greece. Her characters and their interrelationships are like intricate pieces of a puzzle. The reader is brought along in suspense as the pieces are formed into a final unanticipated picture. A satisfying read.

    Doug Upshaw ★★★★★
  • This book kept me in suspense until the end. I loved the characters. I think anyone would enjoy it. The author knows how to pique your interest.

    Kay ★★★★★
  • I've never taken a cruise, but now I'm pretty sure I'll just stay home and read more books from Jackie Ullerich! Imagine being trapped on a cruise ship with people who suddenly decide they hate you... and there isn't anything you can do about it? No way out! This was a pretty great read, and always fun to read novelist I haven't read before. Good suspense, good dialogue, great intensity!

    Sean R. McCaffrey ★★★★★
  • Jackie Ullerich
    Jackie Ullerich

    A native Californian, Jackie Ullerich was born in Los Angeles, grew up in San Diego and attended UCLA, where she graduated with honors, earning a secondary teaching credential in theater arts and English. She also attained Master Teacher status, which qualified her to train and supervise student teachers at the high school level.

    In a major change of venue, Jackie left the classroom for the world stage to travel and live in a variety of places, both in the U.S. and overseas, with her Air Force husband.

    Her years of living in Turkey and Greece coincided with changes in government, including tanks in the streets. But hostile environments were offset by exploration of ancient cultures and the colorful tapestries of contemporary life.

    Of her many experiences, teaching English as a foreign language at the Turkish War College in Ankara, was an adventure in itself. While her novels reflect first-hand knowledge of exotic and historic locales, California provides a backdrop for most of her writing.

    Presently, Jackie and her retired Air Force JAG husband reside in Palm Desert, California where her husband golfs while Jackie writes.

    With her prolific pen, Jackie has established a strong readership following based upon her previously published works The Bride Stands Alone, At Risk, Invitation to Death and Sabbatical in the Sun. Her latest novel, Secrets, is sure to please as well.